Lawyer Kathrin Sommer

Specialist lawyer for corporate and mercantile law

Salaried lawyer

Main Focuses of Activity:

  • Corporate and mercantile law
  • Land law
  • Capital law
  • Tenancy and residential property law
  • Consumer law

Professional Career

The lawyer Kathrin Sommer completed her “Abitur” (general qualification for university entrance) academic high school at the Johann-Walter-Gymnasium in Torgau in 1992 and thereafter commenced her legal studies at the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena. Following the successful conclusion of the 1st legal state examination, Kathrin Sommer completed her legal in-service training in the regional judicial district in Leipzig. Within the framework of this legal in-service training, Kathrin Sommer was, among other things, employed at the tax office in Eilenburg.

Following the 2nd state examination, she commenced as a consultant in the “Verbraucherzentrale” Thüringen e.V. (consumer advice centre) in the advice centre in Erfurt in 2001. In 2002, Ms Kathrin Sommer made an internal change to the advice centre in Gera at the Thüringen e.V. “Verbraucherzentrale” (consumer advice centre). She provided legal counselling in the field of consumer law. Specialisations in the fields of credit law and food law followed.

Ms Sommer has been employed in the Diana Krause law firm since September 2006. Her main focuses of activity are in the fields of tenancy and residential property law, land law, capital law, consumer law, corporate and mercantile law. After the successful completion of the specialist lawyer training for tenancy and condominium law in Leipzig, Ms Sommer is now aiming for the title Specialist Lawyer for Tenancy and Condominium Law.


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